Pickleball Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pickleball?

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the US and possibly the world.  Think of it as a game of GIANT ping pong.  It is played on a court the same size as a badminton court divided by a tennis style net and can be played as singles or doubles.

Pickleball is played with paddles made of composite material like carbon fiber or as simple as plain wood and is much smaller than a tennis racquet.  Think of it as a giant, high tech ping pong paddle!

The pickleball ball is made of durable plastic and has a number of holes, similar to a whiffle ball, but of harder material.

Pickleball is a very easy game to learn for players of all ages.  In fact, in less than 10 minutes you can learn the game well enough to have a fun, competitive game for all involved.


Is Pickleball A Good Sport For Exercise?


What is the best age for pickleball?

Pickleball is a great sport for players of any age, young or old, athletic or not!  On most pickleball courts you’ll often find the courts divided according to skill level such as beginner, intermediate or advanced and also by age.  No matter where you feel you fit in, there will be a number of players eager to meet you, teach you, learn from you and most importantly, have a fun time playing with you.


What Do I Need To Play Pickleball?

How to pick a Pickleball Paddle

Over the years I have played I think by far the best way to pick a paddle is to try them out. In saying that however, most paddles in the top end range (to me) are pretty much of a muchness – meaning there is very little between them particularly if you are a sub-5.0 player.  There are many players who prefer and play well with a wooden paddle however the trend is for a paddle made with modern materials.  It is obviously good to try various weights and grip sizes. While weights vary little with the modern material when measured in ounces, the most critical part for everyone is handle size. If you find a paddle that feels good and balanced in your hand and you have a ‘feel good’ grip on it.


Can You Play Pickleball On A Tennis Court?

Can you stand in the kitchen while waiting for the ball to bounce?

You may go into the kitchen (no volley zone) anytime during play and you can stay in there while waiting for an anticipated ball bounce. The only thing you cannot do is hit the ball in the air from the serve while you are in the kitchen, so get back out of the kitchen after hitting the ball on the bounce.


How Do I Get A Pickleball Rating?


What Is The "10 Second Rule" In Pickleball?

Rule 4.J says that The “10-second rule” applies to both server and receiver, each of whom is allowed up to 10 seconds after the score is called to serve or be ready to receive. It is the server’s responsibility to look and be certain that the receiver is ready to receive serve. Rule 4.J.1. says that after one technical warning has been issued by the referee, further delays on the part of the server or the receiver exceeding 10 seconds shall result in a technical foul and a point awarded against the offender.


Pickleball Questions And Answers

In Pickleball, Is there a proper way to signal that you are not ready for a serve?

Yes Rule 4.I.1. In the official Pickleball rule book states the following: Not Ready Signals. The receiver must use one of the following to signal that he or she is not ready to receive the serve:

1) raising the paddle above his or her head,

2) raising the non-paddle hand above his or her head, or

3) completely turning his or her back to the server.


What is the Double Bounce Rule?

The serve and the service return must be allowed to bounce before striking the ball. That is, each side must play a ground stroke on the first shot following the serve. After the initial ground-strokes have been made, play may include volleys. (A volley therefore is a ball that is hit out of the air before it bounces.)


How is a game started - or who decides who will serve first?

A game can be started with a coin flip or any other fair method. The winner of the flip (or other means) will determine first choice in whether they want to serve or receive. If the winner chooses to serve or receive, the loser picks the side they would like to start on. If the winner chooses the starting side, the loser chooses to serve or receive.


If a player hits the ball or the ball hits a player when striking the ball (taking a shot) is the hit legal?

If the player is in the process of hitting the ball and his hand holding the paddle is hit below the wrist or if the player is changing hands with both hands on the paddle, or is attempting a two- handed stroke and either hand is hit below the wrist, then the ball is considered in play.


What is the Non-Volley Zone?

Affectionately known as the kitchen, the non-volley zone is the area of the court (not the space above it) bounded by the two sidelines, the non- volley line, and the net. The non-volley line is marked across the court 7 feet from the net on both sides. The non-volley line and the sidelines are included in the non-volley zone.


How many Server Lets can a server serve in one point and or one game?

There is no limit to the number of lets a server may serve so technically they could continue to serve until Xmas and beyond (if they are good enough) if their serves continue to be let serves.


How High Is a Pickleball Net?

The pickleball nets are set at a height of 36-inches on the side posts and need to maintain a height of 34-inches in the center. If the net cannot remain taught, a post is occasionally added in the center to keep the pickleball net height at 34-inches.


What Is Pickleball Court Made From?

Pickleball courts are made using the same process used to create a standard outdoor tennis court. The court consists of a concrete or asphalt slab covered with a layer of acrylic pickleball court surfacing.


How Many Points In Pickleball?

How Does Scoring Work in Pickleball?

Players only score points when serving. The serving player continues to serve until he or she commits a fault. The server scores a point when the returning player fails to return a fair ball. The game is typically played to 11 points, and a player must win by 2 points. For example, if you and your opponent are tied with 10 points, you need to score 2 more points to win. Play continues until one player has a lead of 2 points. However, some tournaments have higher point totals. Instead of 11 points, players may play to 15 or 21 points.


What Does A Pickleball Look Like?

What Is USAPA?

The USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) was founded in 1984. It was created to help promote and grow the sport. While it is a national organization, they also help promote the sport internationally. They are the major governing body for determining the official rules, rankings, and tournaments for pickleball.


Is Pickleball For Singles Or Doubles?

What Should You Wear When Playing Pickleball?

There are no strict guidelines for pickleball attire. Most people wear clothing that is comfortable. The most common choices include standard tennis gear – shorts and a t-shirt. You should also wear shoes that are comfortable to move in. When playing pickleball, you will be moving on your heels and rotating your ankles. You may require tennis shoes or sneakers to provide optimal support and protection. If the sport becomes more popular, you may start seeing pickleball shoes.


Pickleball Fastest Growing Sport