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Pickleball Gloves and Bands

Do Pickleball Gloves improve your play on the court? Yes, gloves will improve your game. You may be familiar with racquetball and notice that players of this racquet sport wear gloves. It’s a pretty practical piece of equipment for the game. However, you will rarely see a tennis player wearing gloves. It may seem odd to see a badminton or ping pong player with a glove. Pickleball players are beginning to see the value in adding gloves to their equipment list.

Performance Pickleball Gloves

Several manufacturers are now making gloves for the court to help improve performance. One of the original makers of gloves is Wilson. Long an established brand in Tennis and other sports, Wilson Clutch Performance Glove is one of the best on the market. This glove adds a bit of support for your hands and comfort with extra padding on the heel and forefinger to make for a form-fitting glove with extra grip and quality materials for a longer glove life.

Head is also a stalwart of tennis and increasing their research and development in Pickleball. The Head Airflow Tour Glove features Cool Tech spandex and a perforated leather palm that allows air to flow through your glove preventing moisture buildup. With many courts in warm climates, airflow is key to comfort and performance. These Pickleball Gloves are available in right hand S-XL and left hand M-XL. The range of sizes is appropriate for both men and women. Try a pair of Pickleball Gloves and see how your serves and returns improve!