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Best Pickleball Paddle For Beginners - Find The Perfect Fit Right Here

When you find the best pickleball paddles for beginners you also find that pickleball is a great sport for beginners because learning the rules and how to play only takes a few minutes. The game is a lot like ping pong or tennis in the sense that it is a racquet sport that requires a little hand and eye coordination to help you hit the ball back and forth. 

Pickleball Gear Needed To Play

  • 2 of The Best Pickleball Paddles For Beginners
  • 1 High-Quality Pickleball
  • 1 Pickleball Net/Court
  • Plenty of Smiles and Good Attitude

So You're A Pickleball Beginner!

You have friends or family who play the game and may even know that players are quickly capable of learning the rules and understanding how to serve, volley and return the ball. Now, you want to begin playing and don’t know the difference between a $20 paddle or a $200 paddle. In general, you will not need to invest that much to begin the game. The more expensive the paddle, the more likely it is that it will serve you later once you have mastered the basics.

The most basic pickleball paddle for beginners is a wooden paddle. Two paddles with four balls can be purchased for under $50 and is a great way to start playing with a friend, family member, or partner. A wooden paddle set for four beginner pickleball players will cost about $60 and will likely include 4 to 6 beginner balls to get you started. The best pickleball paddle for beginners will be durable and help you get a feel for the game and provide consistency in the hitting surface. 

The Beginning of Pickleball

In the beginning, back in the 1960s, when pickleball was created, wooden paddles were what the first players used. Think about it like the history of skiing when the early skis were made of wood. Today, a lot of advanced technology has evolved the science behind skis and so too, the sport of pickleball. The advancements in manufacturing have involved graphite paddles that are lighter in weight and have a more active or reactive playing surface. With this advancement in materials and design, there are many pickleball paddles for beginners to choose from.

The best pickleball paddle for beginners made of graphite will range in prices from under $40 dollars to pro-level paddles that may be in the $200 range. As a beginner playing pickleball, you may want to purchase a graphite paddle as the designs are more modern. The new technology will include specific elements that create the core or the inside of the paddle. Think of this like the strings on a tennis racket or the springs in your mattress. How much “bounce” you want will depend on the sophistication of the paddle core. This is generally where the price increases. The more expensive a paddle, expect to have more advanced technology used for the materials and design of the pickleball paddle. The best thing to do no matter what is to just grab a paddle you can afford now and start playing. Most players will purchase a few paddles over the course of playing to test out the paddle and to have for different styles of play. At we have a great selection of paddles for beginners and intermediate players as well.

Get out and play!