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Pickleball Court

Pickleball Court - Volley Llama


Pickleball Court

Pickleball Courts have the same dimensions as a Badminton Court with the exception of the net height. Pickleball Court net height is 36 inches at each end and 34 inches on center. One Tennis Court can be turned into four Pickleball Courts. Some clubs share Tennis Courts with Pickleball players by lining one Pickleball Court on each side of the Tennis net and using temporary moveable Pickleball nets. Indoor Pickleball Courts usually share large Gymnasium floor space with other indoor sports. Some Pickleball enthusiasts are building courts in the backyard. See drawing and dimensions below.

 There is a service line at each end of the Pickleball Court and both feet must be behind the service line and within the sidelines until the serve is completed. The Pickleball must clear the kitchen line to be a valid serve and serves hitting the center line are in play. All Balls hitting outside lines are also in play.

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