About Us

We Are Volley Llama Pickleball!

VolleyLlamaPickleball.com was formed around the love of the game and the desire to be a part of a growing sport surrounded by great people.

Uncle Dick, an avid golfer, and a life-long athlete wouldn’t stop talking about this new game he was playing. Knowing how much he loved golf- he retired on the first hole of the golf course, and strangely enough, his golf clubs weren’t seeing much action. He was healthier and happier than ever, though.

When he spoke of Pickleball, there was a slight concern that he may have joined a cult! And then I joined him on the court to experience the joy of play and the agony of defeat.

After attending the Margaritaville Pickleball Championships at the Indian Wells Tennis Gardens in 2019, I was convinced Pickleball was an industry we needed to be involved with. It wasn’t long before Uncle Dick and I discussed how to help spread the gospel of Pickleball. 

I called Paul, my business partner, and we all met on the court, of course, to discuss how we would trek into the mountains to seek the blessing of the Holy Volley Llama.

Paul, having spent time in Peru as a Missionary, knew of a local guide that would help us climb to the mountain top. Once we shared the video we shot at the US Pickleball Championships, the Volley Llama blessed our intentions under one condition. He said: “call it Volley Llama Pickleball so that the world may know the holiness of this sport.”  :)

And as we confirmed our agreement, he then sent us on our way, as he shouted out “make sure they know my name is Leon. Leon the Llama!” And so it began.

Welcome to VolleyLlamaPickleball.com from Uncle Dick, Rich, Paul, and Leon...the Llama.