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Pickleball Hats and Pickleball Visors

Most Pickleball Hats are made by the same manufacturers of pickleball paddles and pickleball equipment, to match a player’s brand of choice. You can select from a fitted pickleball hat, pickleball cap, or pickleball visor if you know the exact size needed to fit properly. Many pickleball hats have an adjustable strap on the back of the hat so you don’t need to worry about sizing.

Adjustable Pickleball Hats Come In 3 Styles

  • Pickleball Hats

  • Pickleball Caps

  • Pickleball Visors

What To Consider When Choosing A Pickleball Hat

There are some things to consider when selecting a pickleball hat. If you play mainly in the California Desert and through the summer months, it gets quite hot on the court. Some hats are made of material that breathes air better than others and works best in the heat of summer. Many pickleball players play in northern climates and enjoy playing outdoors but it gets quite cold there so a hat that holds heat might be best.

Pickleball is an active sport and a player can work up quite a sweat so selecting a hat that absorbs perspiration can help prevent sweat from running into your eyes and on your glasses. Color may be important to match your wardrobe and accessories, but some colors fade faster than others. Hats should also be washable so that you can keep them clean.

Where To Get A Pickleball Hat Or Pickleball Visor

So you thought picking a pickleball hat would be simple, but there is a lot to consider. Many pickleball events and tournaments will also provide hats for registered players and have pickleball hats available for sale that bear the event or tournament name. The main thing is to pick a hat that fits you well, wears well, and represents you well as you enjoy playing pickleball.